Monday, 2 March 2009

inspired but aware I've been neglecting my poor wee blog

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. These little demons I got as inspiration for new chipboard albums. I love them to pieces. They're really inspiring!

I know I haven't been on the blog for a while but I have been taking pictures everyday! My only problem is having the time to organize them and upload them!

I'm in the final year of my degree- thank the lord. Last week I spent so long working at my dissertation I was delerious by the time I had finished!

I was also the student roped into building the website. It has kind of inspired me though to do diffent series of works over the summer if there's good weather and build another site for myself! When I get the time of course =)

Friday, 9 January 2009

yaaaaaay! ok, so i have been off work ill but i managed to get my resolutions kicked off and some photoshopping done. I got the scrapbooking pages i did for my mums christmas gift photographed and uploaded to flickr so i will include those in a minute!


as you can see i edited my crappy lil picture of my resolution cover tag. I have created another one. This is a part of my 365 project.. inspired greatly by ms ali edwards. I downloaded her photo overlays from and got to work on my pictures. I started shooting one photo a day, (for a year is the ideal) but we will see how long it lasts!! I dont think taking the photos will be a problem, its the editing and uploading that will prove to be a task!

this is the second tag created for my resolution series! i think of only thought of 6.. so i might keep building the tag book. Im not sure just yet!



the image above of the peacock feather and threads are from my final year project for uni. the fun from this project is beginning to dissipate and its starting to be a real chore to do and get finished.


This picture was me playing with the 3200iso option on my camera - obviously i knew it was always a bit much but this pic is terrible. lol. Has to be done though! its what i shot on sunday :D


sleepy head was busy looking at the birds first thing in the morning and loves his cuddles. if ever you cant find him he will be ontop of a window ledge above the radiator. More than likely unconcious.


again more college work! i think the first half of the year - well up to april, will consist of snippets of my work happenings. Unfortunately!


I love this lil picture! This is of my little dangley guy i did have attached to my camera but i attached him to the case so nothing would happen to him. I now have a robbin by disaster designs attached to my camera... i would take a picture but it will have to be from my slr or my crappeh phone!


annd now, my morning coffee.. sans lait. Today is my dads birthday so im going to wait until we go to a restaurant i think later on to take pictures. Or! Im getting new specs today.. there may be a few self portraits included of my sexy new spectacles :D

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

new years resolution on parcel tags. Number one - be great.... im hoping i can make this year more productive and slightly more eventful. After attempting to create a photobook with a year in review i discovered 2008 was rather uneventful so this year... i shall create resolutions.... i dont know whether or not to continue on the parcel tags or on mini postcards. I need to get more alphabet stickers and rub ons. My resolutions... be great. be positive. shoot more. draw more. do more. be positive. be positive. be happy. be positive! This morning i am positive which is a good thing... might help in me being more productive in getting my university work done and finished and out of the way. Today will be productive.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

my little bowl of threads. In the process of working my grandmothers sewing machine as mine died the death. Trying to move forward with the project for college so i need to experiment with stitching and fabrics and threads me thinks. So many other things to do. I can also now finally photograph the scrapbook album i made for my mother - in full and upload to here. Didnt want to spoil the christmas suprise!! Oh how she cried. and cried. and my granny cried... lol. I can also make a start on scrapbooking my christmas memories when i get some time off work!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

My Craft Studio

this is my little creative space, being uploaded for blog purposes!! All designs and changes and possible tidy ups will be uploaded eventually! Right now the place looks like it imploded. Hopefully in the new year with less work i will be able to lock myself in there for a day and sort everything out! I could probably move a lot of things or even organise better to get more space. Fingers crossed. I shall get a lot more images up when i take them and when i am in the house again when there is natural light instead of stuck in work! Amazing urban outfitters frame on the wall :p along with an even more amazing Blondie poster and mini certificate for winning a monthly photography competition. woop

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Vintage Chic
This wonderful frame was purchased recently from Monsoon, an extremely feminine clothes shop actually! They are affiliated with Accessorize who do funky, feminine, possibly vintage style type jewellery so they got all these new gifts in for a chic boudoir type thing. I fell in love and bought it for my grandmother for christmas.. i might go buy one for myself though!Vintage Chic
i really love the intricate detail around the frame. Hopefully she will too! We will find out in the morning. Happy christmas folks :)

Sunday, 21 December 2008

woop a new blog header has now been created for this bad boy :) Finally getting time to organise myself today.

A wonderfully christmassy mosaic!

My mosaic, originally uploaded by CraftyBlogger.

All of my images. All of these pictures shown here are on our christmas tree or count as decor in our house! The wee snowman guy stands by the door. in our conservatory we have a terribly Gisella Graham shabby chic christmas tree with lots of cool and quirky wool trees and ornaments. In our lounge we have a big assed 7 foot christmas tree with white and gold everywhere. Beautiful ornaments. I was just testing the new macro function on my sexy canon powershot sx110 lol.. I would update more but taking photos off cameras and uploading them and then farting about with pictures!! Pain in the butt lol. I do have another image coming up though of my wee shabby chic crimbo tree. The tree is older than i am so it looks a bit weary lol

Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas bobbles in avoca, originally uploaded by CraftyBlogger.

Christmas bobbles in avoca - (favourite store) :p full of goodies for christmas. If i had lots of money i would buy them all lol

IMG_0187, originally uploaded by CraftyBlogger.

my favourite shop in the whole world! Avoca in belfast. If you cant find me, that is where i will be. Lots of vintage random craft things. I have more pictures of the christmas decorations they have up in store for christmas

oOo New Camera

IMG_0151, originally uploaded by CraftyBlogger.

:) I got a new Canon sx110 - im very happy with the quality! Got myself a new Canon Selphy printer too so Im terribly excited. If I have the time i will upload with a lot more photographs, and snippits of information. Been working like crazy coming up to the christmas period so i have had no time at all for taking pictures of crafty business! Hopefully will have more time to upload in a couple of weeks as ive been working pretty hard. Especially to do with crafts and degree work; textile design.


Calendar design and everything... for my mum for christmas!

Monday, 1 December 2008

feeling so ridiculously inspired by Ali Edwards blog (you can get the direct link to the book info by the picture of thru the blog link). Its a fully daily christmassy scrap album. Ali has a full list of embellishments used and shows so many different layouts. I would love to have the time to do something like this! i will be getting myself a new camera and selphy printer set soon so my crafting life will hopefully be a lot easier but coming up to christmas im working crazy hours so i am not expecting any time for scrapbookinng until after january. I plan on making a scrapbook but that indeed will be a gift for someone!
Below is the layout of Ali's first day of her december blog, im defo keeping it for layout inspirations for a new artist journal or scrapbook.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

My mosaic, originally uploaded by CraftyBlogger.

This one of the most recent digital creations for a photobook layout. Will be as a christmas gift for someone, i am certain none of the family will see it so it is fine. I have been upgrading and organising all of my digital photographs and finding a lot of old negatives etc to put on the computer. Its a lengthy process and being bothered to upload them all is another story all together. But we will get there!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I have finally organised my studio in the new house! Phew! Painted the walls a spiffing blue colour, perhaps it can be shown better with an image...
a super mess lol. but of would i be able to have it?! Just because im organised does mean im tidy lol.

Friday, 3 October 2008

ive gone a wee bit crazy with purchases recently!! I get all my crafting goodies on the online from
Ive fallen in love with Sassafras papers and journal tags so dammit im guna go crazy!
If i could addord all her kits i would buy them tout suit :p.
this is my favourite. Im very fawnd of it haw haw haw!! If i can find a kit/package with journaling tags i shall be purchasing. Ive had some inspiration from lots of colourful things. Also have discovered the joys of stamping!! When i have time i shall be taking shots of my wonderful purchases and hopefully have time to use them all.

Friday, 26 September 2008

oOooooOOOO Moving into my new house today! im so excited. I think there will be several trips with boxes in my tiny 206. Im all excited about decorating lol. I must to get the studio sorted out first. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy excited lol

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Not forgotten!

I have not stopped blogging......just taking an extended and much needed break. I will be back soon with lots of fun and updates. Only recently got the internet up and running in the new house so i have lots to get organised! Especially with photographs and updates of design work!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I am completely inlove with this goldie lookin frame from dotcom gift shop. god!! they remind me of the baroque style pink ones i just bought in Urban Outfitters for my new house. I must take some photos of my wonderful studio to upload to show :p

Saturday, 13 September 2008

my beautiful laura ashley designer brads!